About Horizontal Music Studios

Horizontal Music Studios is based in the South West of England. Run by Brian Monk who was a professional musician up until 1979 when he retired from touring and live performances to set up and run a recording studio and record company.

For over 15 years Brain combined the role of recording engineer, programmer and record producer, working with many well known artists, including Eurythmics, Genesis, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode. Also co-running the successful Shockwave Records.

Recent technological innovations within the music recording industry presented Brian with the ideal opportunity to combine his computer expertise, recording knowledge and love of music, to create Horizontal Music studios.

Horizontal Music Studios offer a complete facility for recording demos, singles and albums at realistic prices, without compromising quality.

Studio One with its large format 64 input channel analogue mixing desk, Large monitors and racks of outboard gear, is designed for live recording.

Studio Two is a specially designed room with the amazing Adam SX3 monitors, designed for production, writing and mixing.

Whether you are currently using a professional studio or have a recording set-up in your home or workplace, Horizontal Music Studios can be of benefit to you (and possibly your neighbours) by recording the professional drum, vocal or instrumental sound you are after.

On the other side of the coin, once all the tracks are down, bring the material in to do the final mix in an environment that provides accurate monitoring, supplemented by all the hardware, software FX and processing gear you could need.

Horizontal Music Studios' workshop provides full on-site technical support and repair facilities for the studios.

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