Horizontal Music Studio Facilities

Horizontal Music Studios is designed as a project, track laying and mixing studio, with a vocal / isolation room and live room. Ideally suitable for recording jazz and rock bands, classical groups, solo artists, singers, voice-overs etc. With the modern computer and recording technology that exists now, there are unlimited tracks for recording. Horizontal Music Studios' analogue Soundtracs Eric desk has 40 mic inputs, 64 line inputs, 48 track recorder playback channels, 16 independent aux feeds and 5 independent headphone mixes.

Monitoring is by large 15" Tannoy Golds with quad amps, active Adam and Mackie monitors and Yamaha NS10's with Quad amps.

Recording to a 48 track hard disk recorder. Pro Tools or Cubase 6 via Digidesign audio interfaces from the desk.

Mastering can be direct to disk via the Tascam DSD master recorder, at 192k, 24bit recording, or by DAT, Mini Disk, CD Cassette or Revox 1/4" half track reel to reel. 460 hole bantam patch bays wired exclusively with Van Damme cable, gives total flexibility for patching all hardware to the mixing console patch bay.

Horizontal Music Studios is built within a large detached converted church, using well tried 'room within a room' techniques. The live room, isolations room and the control room are all built on independent floating floors, with professional acoustic treatment.

Studio One control room is fully air-conditioned, with Broadband internet access. The live room was specifically designed to allow musicians to play and record together. Many studios cannot offer this facility. The BBC consider that a recording room smaller than 1500 cubic feet cannot support accurate recording for acoustical reasons - Horizontal Music Studios is over 2500 cubic feet, large enough for a Band or small Choir, yet not too big to make a solo performer feel lost. Acoustics apart, musicians like to play together so Horizontal Music make it possible.

Studio Two is Computer based running Cubase 6 and Pro Tools. With a new 8 core computer system. Linked to our servers for sample storage and access to studio One, it’s the ideal facility for music creation, production and mixing.

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